Patient Info

Dear patients,

In light of Ministry of Health guidelines dated March 15, 2020 - Director's Order # 7 - Practice of cannabis for medical use during the national effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC and inorder to reduce exposure of susceptible populations and prevent the spread of COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC, As of 05.04.2020, the TIKUN OLAM distribution point in Tel Aviv will be closed.  Direct delivery will be available, by way of courier only, of cannabis products to patients who hold valid licenses for receiving the products under the "old regulation" will all be as specified in Director's Order 6 which was published on 10.03.2020
Ordering and purchasing medical cannabis will only be done by telephone orders and deliveries will be distributed to each patient's home
 In order to place an order, you can contact TIKUN OLAM at 03-5445860 extension 2
Starting April 15, 2020 the purchase of inflorescences under the "old regulation" will be llimted to 50 grams per patient.
Over 50 grams can be purchase Pre- Rolled .  

Patients with a valid pharmacy license and prescriptions, can now order a delivery by this following number- 
03-5445860 extension number 1*

In addition you can transfer your prescription, license and I.D by the following link:                    and they will contact you for delivery coordination.  

let us know if you were unable to place an order

by the following number 03-5445860 extension 2*


Products invetory:

Products Category 
Metatron oil 30% 1:20  T1/C28 
Alaska oil 15% T15/C3
Erez oil 15% T15/C3
Alaska Inflorescences T15/C3
Erez Inflorescences T15/C3
Eren Almog Inflorescences T15/C3
Alaska Pre Rolled  T15/C3
Erez Pre Rolled T15/C3
Eren Almog Pre Rolled T15/C3

We are making great efforts to provide inflorescence and other products as soon as possible in the new series - for all types of prescriptions.

We shall update the inventory and distribution with the expansion of our products.


Please note, chat services are not avilable at the time.

Highlights of the Executive Order (October 6,2020) published by the Ministry of Health:

will be published soon 

Please note that no retroactive drug cannabis dispensing will be performed for previous months.
The extension is automatic and there is no need to contact the Ministry of Health in this regard.
At the same time, they must address the renewal of the license for the period after 31.12.19 (or 30.6.20 for children, oncology patients and patients with autism who hold the license).
For more information about licence at the new regulation send Email

Patients are welcome to a free training for proper use of the vaporizer–

We provide instructions on the following brands: Volcano medic, Mighty, Crafty and Pax 3.
The training are by appointment only in Tel Aviv clinic.
Patients must have an original license, inflorescence and an escorte.

As of July 23nd, inflorescences and pre-rolled of our medical cannabis are available for purchase  Tikun Olam license.


Further on and in accordance with the approval of the MOH, we will continue to expand our range of products.

The stock of strains and products is updated and published on our website (further down the page).

All the produce of inflorescences grows on our farm under IMC-GAP standard - the world's most strict standard of cannabis greenhouses for medical use.

We are available by on-line chat or telephone service from Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

When you arrive at the dispensary or when the messenger arrives, you will receive an explanation detailing all the treatments our products undergo in order to ensure their safety and quality. We operate according to the standards of the Ministry of Health and all products are approved for marketing by the Ministry of Health. Before you receive the products, you will be asked to sign this explanation.

To adjust treatment, you can consult a nurse at

As part of the medical reform of the IDH, steps have been taken to streamline and speed up the licensing process for the use of medical cannabis. All details regarding renewal and licensing can be found in the IDH site or in the following link:

Patient Care Nursing Clinic is located at 9 HaShala St. Tel Aviv

Customer service:
tel: +972-3-5445860 Sunday through Thursday from 8am to 4:30pm
 or email here
**For any application one must have an original, valid license and valid ID!


Delivery Menu:             Last update: 12/04/2020 08:00


NOTES pre rolled NOTES Oil    NOTES
Erez       Erez oil 3%   
Alaska       Alaska oil 3%   
        Alaska oil 15%  

Avidekel oil 3%




*We can provide CBD oils with a concentration of 15% and up only for patient with Autism,Epilpsy and Dementia with the valid professional certification.


Home Delivery

Tikun Olam offers patients a delivery service to all parts of the country. Deliveries are done by region once per month (usually towards the beginning of the month). Delivery Cost: 100 NIS *fix price by MOH

Order now on line via our chat, here on our website from Sun-Thu 7am-5pm.


Form Downloads

Weekly Patient Care Follow-Up Chart (click to download - Heb)


Early Delivery/Distribution

Early distribution of medical cannabis may be done up to three days prior to the end of the month, or in the last three days of every month. For example, for months ending on the 30th, early distribution is available starting the 28th. Patients that have a different set/fixed date may pick up their early distribution up to three days before their fixed date.

Important Guidelines Issued by the Ministry of Health and Israel Police

The name and ID number of the delivery person must appear in the medical cannabis license for delivery approval. The person authorized to receive the cannabis on behalf of the patient must also be registered on the license. The authorized receiver must present both his/her and the patient’s original government issued IDs to receive the delivery.

The original cannabis license must be presented to receive the medical cannabis delivery. Copies are not valid substitutions.

If your medical cannabis license is lost, stolen, or you need a re-issued license because of wear and tear, you will need to file a police report and bring a copy of the report to our offices so that we can submit the original license and the police report to the Ministry of Health in order to re-issue a new original copy of the license.

Please take care of your medical cannabis licenses, it is your personal responsibility to maintain the necessary paperwork.

General Guidelines

Please keep track of the expiration date of your license and request a renewal if necessary ahead of time. Patients with expired licenses will not be able to receive medical cannabis.